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Guest Lecturer

IST will gladly provide your Association (or other network of security industry and/or life safety company owners) with a speaker for your meeting. You can construct the content of the Lecture to suit your needs (if it is germane to the security-life safety industries) or you can choose from Lectures that have been presented many times in the recent past. Examples of past Lectures include:

  • What Can You do to Increase the Value of your Company?
  • What are Current Trends in the Security/Life-Safety industries and How Should You Respond to Them?
  • What Changes Can You Make to Create Greater Profitability in Your Company?

Helping You to Sell Your Company

Successfully selling a business is generally a once in a lifetime event for sellers that benefits tremendously from the services of a professional intermediary. IST will work with you throughout the process to:

  • Conduct Seller Due Diligence
    Determine the optimum value of your business
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of current market conditions
  • Formulate a strategy for creating the sale while maintaining confidentiality with your employees, customers and vendors
  • Identify and Qualify buyers that will have a strong interest in your business
  • Prepare and present your company to maximize the perceived value and price through the creation of a compelling story about the future potential of your business
  • Negotiate optimal price and deal structure to maximize proceeds from sale
  • Coordinate Due Diligence & Legal Process

Selling your business can be stressful and disruptive to the operation of your business. IST, with our many years of experience, will help you navigate this process and successfully sell your company to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Helping You Complete an Acquisition

If your growth strategy is to expand through acquisition, IST can assist you in achieving your acquisition goals by utilizing our extensive network to identify potential targets that fit your acquisition criteria, valuing the prospective acquisitions, and assist in negotiating and structuring the transaction once a suitable target is identified.

A successful acquisition search is a challenging undertaking as quality acquisition opportunities are very difficult to find. The majority of buyers approach this process in a passive manner; by searching websites and contacting business brokers to see what companies are currently representing. This process is lengthy, attracts many under-performing and over-valued businesses, while seldom yielding a quality company. A proactive acquisition program with IST can serve to eliminate these disadvantages by identifying many more interested sellers than are currently β€œon the market.” Business owners frequently tell us that they would be interested in selling if we had a specific, suitable buyer, but are not interested in marketing their company for sale on the open market.”

Working on your behalf, IST implements a business acquisition strategy to pro-actively approach dozens of potential targets. It has been our experience that this approach will generate significant activity and create quality options.

Contact Dorsie Mosher

Contact Dorsie Mosher, President of Innovative Security Transactions for a no-obligation consultation about how to profit the most from IST Business Sales and Acquisitions strategies for the successful sale of your security company.

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