Dorsie Mosher M&A

Business owners naturally have many qustions about the process of selling their companies. For answers to any of your questions about the preparation and process for your successful transaction, please send an email to A few of the questions we deal with are listed below.

  • What is Adjusted EBITDA?
  • When do I inform my Employees that I am selling the Company?
  • When do I inform my Customers that I am selling the Company?
  • When do I inform my Vendors that I am selling the Company?
  • How long will it take to sell my business?
  • Does a Confidentiality Agreement ensure confidentiality in the selling process?
  • How is IST compensated for its services?
  • Should we negotiate with more than one buyer at a time?
  • How long will a buyer expect that I remain with the Company once the transaction is done?
  • How should I best present my business for sale?
  • How should financial information be presented to a strategic acquirer?
  • Why is a lien search necessary and who does it?
  • What is the "learning curve" associated with the sale of a Company?
  • What should I look for in a business intermediary?
  • What issues with phone lines can become problems?
  • What key points do you negotiate in addition to the price of my Company?
  • What vendor Agreements (Contracts, Licenses, etc.) are most likely to become Problems?
  • How many years of financial information does a buyer typically want to review?
  • What does "recasting financial statements" mean?
  • What are “pass through charges” and where do they come from?
  • Why is there a “Holdback” deducted from the Purchase Price?
  • What is a “basket” and what is a “cap” as relates to the Holdback?
  • How do I prove to the Buyer that I own the Phone Lines used to send signals to the Monitoring company?

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